Redefining your furkid's stay

As concerned paw-parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to find the right place for our furkids.


When look for a suitable staycation, we want a boarding home that place safety above all else.

We do not want our furkid to be mixed around with random dogs without supervision, risking bully and being humped by others.

We understand the fact that no human can ever watch over a dog 24/7, hence there should be a personal space where

our furkid can rest safely and comfortably. Of course, we also want her to be able to roam and play freely during the day.


Next, we want a carer that is experienced with dogs and understand about them. 

We do not want our furkid's learned skills to go to waste, so she shouldn't to be over pampered and spoiled

when we return from our trip - we want her to continue being trained and well taken care of. Lastly, we hope that with the

above criteria, our furkid can also roam in a spacious and comfortable space without sacrificing ticks and fleas.

Truth is, back in 2012 this was an impossible task. There were simply no such boarding place in Singapore that could fit our needs.

As such, this inspired us to create Amber's Cottage

Amber's Cottage is a one of a kind facility that is created by combining the best of both worlds -

luxury hotel + homely environment to keep your furkids safe, well trained and comfortable.


In short, your furkid can enjoy staying in luxurious suites and yet enjoy the full benefits

of home boarding.

What's new

We are proud to announce our third and latest boarding facility, Amber's Cottage

Amber's Cottage is designed and improvised based on the first model 10 years ago.

There are a number of new upgrades and add ons based on studies & requests gathered over the years.

Additional safety protocols have also been implemented to ensure safety and comfort throughout your furkid's stay.

Below are some of the new implementations, we will definitely be adding more as time goes :)


Entertainment system has now been shifted from suite to roaming zone, so that guests can enjoy during the day and maximize rest at night.

Classic Cottage

Ever since 2012, we have always been conceptualizing new ideas to provide a safe and comfortable boarding standards for your loved ones. This time, not only had we brought over our iconic classic suites, we've also upgraded them from 9 sqft to 28 sqft, together with new extensive range of amenities.


28 sqft


Recommended Pax:   


No. of Suites:

♥  High quality bedding

♥  Calming Music 

♥  Aroma Therapy

  Pee Tray

♥  Chemical Free Food/Water Bowl

♥  Window Shades

♥  Air Condition

♥  Circulation Fan

  Private Storage

  Twice a day feeding

  Daily Activities

  Day School

  Daily Sanitizing

Superior Cottage

For individuals who wishes to pamper, we are proud to introduce our new  Superior Cottage Suite. Measured at an incredible 46 sqft, this will be our largest suite to date! Those who opt for room sharing will also be supplied with additional care service, where guests will be checked and monitored to ensure that they are doing well together (please take note on terms for room sharing). 

Recommended Pax:   


No. of Suites:

1 ~ 2

46 sqft


 High quality bedding

 Calming Music

 Aroma Therapy

 Pee Tray

 Food/Water Bowl


 Air Condition

 Personal Circulation Fan

 Private Storage

 Twice a day feeding

 Daily Activities

 Day School

 Daily Sanitizing

 1 x Free Shower (Every 8 days)