Stay   Train

Started in 2013, we are one of the first to introduce this program locally. 

This program was designed to help dogs overcome mild to severe behavioral issues. 

Unlike most schools with boarding cum training services these days, our goal was never to send a totally different dog back

to owners, but to rework on confidence and target key issues while retaining the natural personality of the dog.

A Gentle Approach to Training

Many owners expect a different dog after being sent for training and not many understand what this means. The common

reason that a dog's personality changes together with seemingly cooperative obedience is usually due to training using force, ranging from verbal/physical force to tools like choke chain, shock collar, prong, slip leash. These aims to project fear and/or pain to the dog so that they would adhere to what is demanded from the handler, this in return destroys the typical instinct and personality of an innocent dog and creates a slave/master relationship. Most of these handlers could claim that such tools could be removed once the dog obeys, however owners may not understand that this also meant that the dog would have to remember the pain from the tools for life to do so.

In short the scientific term is known as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

At ATP, our goal is not to change the personality of your dog, but instead to go the other way round by creating a gentle and strategic workflow for each individual dog depending on their personality. So in a way, we make effective use of the dog's personality and create a routine around their strengths and weaknesses, then we turn training sessions into mini games. So instead of forcing dogs to obey, training starts becoming much more fun and enriching. We believe that we are no longer living in times where all dogs are used as tools, these days most are treated as a family member and therefore we strongly believe that pain is not necessary no matter how bad a behavior may seem to be.



< 6kg

4 weeks - $2520 | 8 weeks - $4320

+ 4 Private Training Sessions (Free)

6kg - 15kg

4 weeks - $2720 | 8 weeks - $4520

+ 4 Private Training Sessions (Free)

Time is always an important factor when it comes to training. Truth is, there are no shortcuts to training, although pain creates seemingly faster results, it usually doesn't last long and the dog may even develop other unexpected issues due to defensive instincts. A lot of dogs come to us in this state after going through such training programs, and to be honest it requires much more work to rehabilitate those that had been traumatized before. I have been training and handling dogs for 16 years, as well as being involved in all types of training methods (i train on one method with neutral mindset for at least 5 years) to understand what works best and what doesn't. Although i do not believe in one method fits all theory, there are a lot of possibilities and ways to train and handle a dog without resorting to pain.

This is why our Stay + Train programs are longer than others, because we rather go slow and steady than risking more openings for other dangerous behavior later on. As the pioneers of Stay + Train providers in Singapore, we insist on training dogs through love, respect and proven science, instead of traditional pain and discomfort. On average, for a puppy to become obedience ready takes one to three years depending on the personality, breed and bloodline. Therefore a couple of weeks is already very short considering how the program has the chance to change the life of a dog. For those that are just considering to have their dog/puppy sent for just foundation, 2 weeks could be considered.

After Stay + Train ends, we will follow up with Private Training sessions (Free with the program) to help owners understand

how to handle their dogs and continue with what they have learned. The inclusive lessons are not mandatory, but are important because ultimately the dog will be with their owners for the rest of their lives, so respective owners will definitely need to attend at least 2 sessions to be equipped with proper handling skills to continue keeping their dogs well trained. Therefore, i would always remind owners that they should never expect their dogs to be fully trained just after a few weeks, for training to work it requires both the dog and owner's cooperation, time and understanding.

In short, Stay + Train is meant to train the dog,

while Private Lessons are meant to help owners learn how to continue training and handling their dogs.

Program Outline

We prefer to go through training in a systematic yet flexible approach. Instead of jumping into training right away, we will always bond and rework on the confidence of the dog while finding out the best method to work on a particular problem. Even if one method may work on a particular dog, it may not work on other with similar issues because their personality and past routines are different.


Below are the estimated program outline, note that the details and sequence may change whenever we find it necessary.

Our main goal is to dedicate time and effort towards each and every dog to find the best solution and routine for their families.

Your dog will stay in a comfortable home based environment with plenty of 1 to 1 sessions daily, private room or playpen will also be provided to ensure comfortable rest and privacy. Depending on the areas that you'd like to work on, your dog will get his/her daily roaming time which is up to 10 hours daily with full range of amenities included. Rest assure that your dog will get plenty of love and attention throughout the program as we do not accept more than 2 dogs undergoing Stay + Train (Behavioral) program at each point of time. Updates will be provided through videos or photos on a periodic basis whenever there are new changes observed.

Week 1

 Bonding with the dog

Transitioning phase

Observe behavior & personality

 Brainstorming on suitable method

Week 2

 Begin execution on key areas (Early stage)

Adjustment to routine

Increase activities


Week 3

Improvement on Fundamentals

 Execution on key areas (Mid stage)

 Look for any other hidden behavioral issues

Exposure to socialization (daily objects, distraction)

Week 4 onwards

 Improvement on Fundamentals

Maintaining on key areas

Socialization (depends on remaining time)

 Introducing new activities (depends on remaining time)

 Working on hidden behavioral issues (depends on remaining time)

Who is suitable?

There are many reasons that owners may wish to send their dogs for Board + Train, below i will list out some

of the common reasons so that you can have an idea if you need to go for this program.

 Puppies that want to have a solid foundation in early stages

 Owners that have busy working schedules and wish to keep up

 Owners tried to train their dogs themselves but failed

 Owners are required to have their dogs placed in a facility due to reports of disturbance/travels

 Refrain from endangering themselves due to bites/aggression

 Human disabilities - Injuries, trouble moving around, age, illness etc.

Dog's condition worsening after being traumatized before

 Dogs that are about to be put down due to concerns
 Newly adopted dog and facing frustrations

 Behavioral issues - Housebreaking, Biting, Socialization, Jumping, Obedience etc.

Feel free to drop us an email or pm our facebook if you need more assistance.

Below are some videos of our graduates.


Fear of dogs, grooming, strangers, Aggression (Moderate)


Housebreaking, Obedience


Fear of dogs, grooming, strangers, Aggression (Severe)


Fear of dogs, Aggression (Severe), Obedience


Guarding (Moderate), Obedience


Housebreaking, Separation Anxiety


Housebreaking, Obedience


Housebreaking, Obedience


Housebreaking, Crate Anxiety, Obedience


Housebreaking, Aggression (Severe), Crate Anxiety, Obedience


Destroying of Objects, Guarding, Crate Anxiety, Obedience


Aggression (Severe), Crate Anxiety, Obedience


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