1.   ATP may reject dogs that are injured, sick, infected with ticks/fleas or possess dangerous behavior (eg. aggression) UNLESS agreed beforehand.
2.   Dogs must be collected on the day of the check out unless agreed through phone or other means of contact, failure to do so will be treated  as       

      abandoning of pets, action will be taken if the dog is not collected within 7 days (surcharge applies).
3.   All transportation of pets are to be provided by owner. Owners can choose to arrange their pet drivers, ATP will not be responsible for any issues that              are caused by pet transport services. 
4.   Please inform us if your dog has medical conditions to be taken note of beforehand, ATP will not be held responsible for any medical conditions that              arises during stay, add on(s) for medical care will be incurred.
5.   For Boarding, 50% non refundable down payment is required for reservation. Full payment can also be made if preferred.
6.   For Boarding, balance payment are to be made on the day you collect your dog. No late payment accepted.
7.   Viewing of the premises are not allowed during peak period to prevent affecting boarding guests (panic, guarding, barking etc) and their daily routines.          Private viewings are strictly on appointment basis, signing of NDA form will be required for first timers.
8.   All dogs are to be on Frontline Plus or similar ticks and flea prevention before check in, or we will have to help apply at $18/pipette.

9.   Change of check in/check out dates and time are subject to availability, there are no promises for all requests.

10. Upon check in, any last minute request for early collection can only be arranged at least 24 hours prior to check in. Subject to availability.

11. Surcharges are applicable for late collection.

12. All payments and balance amount (if any) will be converted to ATP credits. Any balance of credits available will be updated through Whatsapp/SMS.

13. ATP credits are non refundable.

14. Any guest(s) that are found to possess marking behavior and/or repetitive housebreaking mistakes have to be on diapers for safety and hygiene purposes.

15. Any guest(s) deemed to possess extreme behavioral issues are required to opt for "+Train" add on during their stay, UNLESS agreed beforehand.

16. Please take your time to read through everything, only make deposit once you have confirmed and agreed with all terms.

Terms and Conditions

Optional Upgrades/Add ons


Any guest who has housebreaking difficulties, on heat or with repetitive marking behavior will be required to be on diapers during play school. This is to reduce repeated mistakes, prevent affecting other guests as well as keep the premises hygienic for everyone.

Peak Period

Our peak period consists of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. Peak charges applies 7 days before and after the festival.

Food Preparation

Food preparation consist of reheat, steaming and microwaving precooked food. Microwavable food should be kept in microwavable containers.

Private Outdoor Walk

Based on our latest studies with boarding/daycare centres in Singapore, Taiwan and U.S, we have decided to remove pack walks

from our program for safety reasons (Click here for more details).

As such, we have implemented an add on option for owners who require their furkids to go on outdoor walk.

All walks will now be done on a private basis, which allow handler(s) to watch over guests closely during walk and keep them safe.

Duration is 30-45 minutes private walk session consisting of no more than a ratio of 2 dogs to 1 experienced handler.


Cooking service consists of washing, cleaning, cutting, followed by microwaving, boiling, pan frying or steaming of uncooked food.

Ingredients are to be provided by owner for safety and hygiene purposes.

We will not be responsible for any allergies/reaction in regards to the ingredients provided.

Prioritized Care

1) For those that requires medical care (for example cream application, ear application, wound cleaning, spay/neuter, joint injuries, old age),

the team will do their best to follow through on medical instructions.

Prioritized Care also includes practicing precaution on dogs that may have existing medical conditions

(for example prevention on jumping and taking note on areas that may cause pain).

2) Any guests found with mild to severe behavioral issues will also fall under Prioritized Care.

3) For dogs that requires special handling for example hand feeding, regular cleaning/washing, coaxing,

extensive brushing due to long coat etc., they will also fall under Prioritized Care.


We will not be responsible for any medical side effects nor any medical conditions that worsen during stay.

We do not provide forced administration for dogs with aggression.

Please drop us a message in details for the requirements for us to provide accurate rates.


Training services can be included with our Day School and/or Boarding programs.

Duration for improvements are to be discussed on case by case basis.

Please drop us a message for more details on package rate.


All guests are required to be on Frontline Plus or similar prior to Daycare/Boarding. For owners who prefer for us to apply for their furkid, we will have to check for any ticks/fleas prior to check in. Any dogs found with ticks/fleas will be rejected right away to ensure fairness and safety towards other owners and their furkids.


Shower includes shampoo, blow dry and cleaning of ears.

We do not provide nail clipping, shaving or any other grooming services not mentioned.

Any guest found with severe behavioral issues affecting shower will not be allowed to continue, as this usually means that they will be required to go through desensitizing training before any strangers attend to them. Forced showering will only worsen condition.

Superior Suite

Superior Suite is an upgrade from the regular Classic Suite, dogs of all breeds and sizes will just need to top up $22/day to enjoy the size and privacy, we only have 2 Superior Suites available at each point of time.

Room Sharing

Room sharing is only applicable for dogs that are from the same household.

Superior Suites will be required to hold 2 guests.

Any guests found with behavioral discomfort towards each other will be separated using a divider/fence for safety.

Please note that even though we do check on guests to prevent problems like fights and rough plays, we will not be reliable if any accidents were to happen within multiple guests during room sharing, please ensure that your furkids do not have any behavioral problems among themselves before sharing rooms.

Vet Transport

We will always notify owners if there are any emergency related to medical requirements.

ATP team has the right to send guests to the vet if we find that the dog requires immediate veterinary attention.

Any non emergency visit will require owner's approval, subjected to time and availability at the point of request.

All additional cost not linked to Transportation (eg. vet bills) are to be beared by the owners.

Late Collection

Any late collection will incur additional charges as stated.

Things to take note
Before any confirmation on stay/daycare (including Board + Train), all owners will be

required to fill up registration form to help us understand their dogs.

Click Here for link to Registration Form

We will appreciate if everyone can be frank with the questions asked especially when it comes to their dog's health, behavioral and medical history. After accessing individual dog's situation, we will need to discuss with the Team and decide whether or not we will be able

to handle individual dog's case in regards to its condition and also based on the number of dogs we will be handling during that period of time.

As much as we'd love to take care of all dogs with different needs, we also hope to prevent any conflicts and misunderstandings that might

arise during their stay. As such, ATP will not hesitate to reject dogs for boarding if they are deemed to be unsuitable to stay with other dogs,

we may also have to reject dogs during check in day if the information provided does not tally, especially if it could affect other guests.

1. Ticks & Fleas 
We need to be notified if there are any ticks & fleas present on your dog to be fair to all dogs and their owners.

It will also be advisable to let us know if you had found any ticks & fleas in the past even if they are cleared weeks or months before.

2. Injuries
Please let us know all present and past injuries that had happened to your dog, we are not veterinarians and may not notice if your dog is unwell.

This includes (but not limited to) cuts, redness, swelling, bald spots, fractures, loss of tooth, bleeding nails, surgical wounds.

3. Medical conditions
Medical condition does not necessary need any medications, as long as your dog has any symptom(s) that are not normal, please inform us beforehand, not during check-in. Includes (but not limited to) fever, cough, allergies, sterilization, flu, ear infection, undescended testicle(s), dysplasia, diarrhea, neck trachea, joint issues, fragile body, yeast infection, skin problems/sensitivity, eyesight problems, loss of appetite, lethargy, tumor etc.

4. Behavioral conditions

Includes (but not limited to): Dog aggression, human aggression, food/toy aggression, barking, separation anxiety, crate anxiety, housebreaking, food pickiness, fear aggression (leash, grooming, touch), fear/timidity. Please notify us through the Registration Form, if we find that your dog is not suitable for the stay, we may have to reject him/her if they weren't clarified beforehand.

5. Body Check
Upon collection, please make a thorough check on your dog before leaving, we do check on them and will notify owners if there are anything abnormal, therefore you should too. This is to prevent any misunderstandings as well as eliminate possibilities if the dog happens to be in contact with any problems after it is back home.

In the end, all we want is for all the dogs to be fully protected from any diseases and possible accidents that may occur, we have managed to keep the place safe and clean for more than 8 years, we truly hope that we can continue this streak!



Will my dog be caged?
Our environment is cage free (except for dogs under training), we use rooms instead to keep all guests comfortable whenever they are not monitored. Playpens may be used for aggressive dogs, where they will be let out in intervals instead of being mixed with other dogs. 

Our roaming zone can also be separated into two different spaces to allow those with behavioral issues to roam alone.

Safety will always be our No.1 priority.

What makes your boarding different from other hotels?
Everyday there will be tons of activities lined up for every single guest depending on their characters and learning ability. 

We care more about the welfare of the dogs instead of how people see us, we train and fulfill their daily needs based

on our experience in canine behavior. Our facility is completely indoors with huge range of amenities and security which maximizes safety and comfort for guests, there will always be someone around to clean and react to their needs. Lastly, we are here to interact and accompany dogs, not leaving them alone to do anything they like by themselves, this is the major difference compared to other places.


How is your roaming area different?
We have a large roaming zone designed specially for dogs, 300 sqft for the small zone and expandable

to 1200 sqft(one of the largest in Singapore).

By saying it is made for dogs:

1. The whole roaming space does not have any hidden corners - it is a huge squarish space,

which means that we can watch over every action that the guests are doing all the time and react fast at times of emergency. 

2. Our roaming zone is made of anti slip hospitable grade flooring, which can tolerate running and jumping without sacrificing safety. 

3. We do not have any beds or possessions placed anywhere in the middle of the zone that could cause guests to bump into them,

this practice can also reduce resource aggression in dogs which can become dangerous, especially if beds/bowls are placed everywhere.

4. The walls of roaming zones and rooms are coated with a special paint that is odorless, non toxic and durable which are made for children.

5. Our roaming zone is 100% sheltered with air-conditioning, soothing music, aroma therapy and air purifier.

​How many dogs should I expect during my dog's stay?
For now, we keep to a maximum of only 8 dogs, this is to allow us to focus on every single guests staying over on a daily basis.

Do note that we may further limit the vacancy at times when there are dogs with special needs.

​​Why limit to the number of dogs?
​We are not here to squeeze dogs so that we can generate large income, we are here to monitor, interact and spend time

with your dogs so that they too, can enjoy their vacation while you are away!

At this point of time, we believe that limiting the slots to 8 dogs can ensure that every single one of them

can get our attention, care and love.

Will i be receiving daily updates?
​Unlike most boarding centres, we do not provide daily updates/texts through mobile.

Our updates are either photos or videos and most of the time it is uploaded and viewable on our page.


The reason is because at Amber's Cottage, we do not believe in daily updates as we understand and know that dogs do not behave differently every single day. As such we do not want to nurture the habit of spinning "daily stories" just to keep owners happy.

Instead, we aim to provide genuine and constructive updates whenever there are any, and not just because a day is ending.


The photos and videos used are selected thoughtfully to showcase the guest's highlight on that particular day, it will then be edited using professional program/apps before being uploaded. We don't usually carry our phones and cameras during work so when we do, it is purely for taking shots of guests. Compilation and editing will start at about 8:30pm, hence updates will be up at around 9pm to 10pm


Nevertheless, we will not hesitate to update owners whenever there are anything new or abnormal in regards to meals, behavior and emergencies.

At the end of each stay, we will also provide owners with full summary and feedback if they are interested

to learn and understand more about their furkids.

​Do you provide home cooked meals for my dog?
​Yes, we do provide this service at an additional cost.

Can you take care of my sick/injured dog?
We do not encourage dogs that are sick or injured to come for Boarding/Day School.

We have to be fair to other guests, to make sure that they don't get in contact with any sickness/virus that may spread.

Sick dogs also need plenty of attention towards medication and care and we feel that if your dog is sick,

what they needs most is your personal time.​


First of all their injuries might worsen if they get excited due to other dog's presence.

Also, we do not take any responsibility for injuries that gets worsen during the stay.

To maintain our relationship and quality of service, we hope that your dog can be well and healthy before coming for our services!


In short, unless agreed beforehand, we will not check in dogs that are sick/injured.

Do note that we will also reject dogs that are found with ticks and fleas.​

​​Do you accept large breeds?
Only small/medium breeds below 15kg are allowed.


Why not large breeds?

While we'd love to cater service to dogs of all sizes, Safety is still our number 1 priority. In the event of unexpected aggression and rough plays, small dogs loses out easily and can be injured even at the slightest push from their stronger counterparts.

Do I have to bring my dog's belongings?
Would greatly recommend having at least a few of your dog's belongings like food, treats & 1 toy per dog.

Meals are a must to prevent loss of appetite, diarrhea and indigestion. Towel and your shirt(for familiar scent) is optional.

How early should I book to ensure availability?
We would say that for peak periods, minimum 1 month in advance. For off peak periods, minimum of 1 week in advance. Do note that this is just a rough gauge, there are actually owners that book 2-3 months in advance. Non-cancellable deposit is a must to secure booking.

​​​​Why can't we visit the place?
We have stopped home visits due to being unable to handle visitors coming every now and then. Because most dogs are untrained, random visitors can cause panic, barks and aggression which is very unhealthy for guests staying over and also our neighbours, therefore visiting

is discouraged and we hope you can understand. We do however offer appointment based viewing, this will be held during off peak periods where there are less dogs to ensure that their comfort will not be affected. Available dates will be very limited.

In return, we will upload photos an videos of your dog every now and then, we have been in this line for more than 7 years :)

Are deposits refundable if i were to cancel?
No, because doing so would be wasting a slot, which could've been given to other owners who had wanted to board their dog.

We do not want to support canceling of slots therefore non-refundable deposits are required to secure bookings.

​​​​​​What is the difference between Board + Train and Boarding?
Board + Train is a service to help owners to train their dogs from a period from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the severity of behavioral issues. This is very different from regular Boarding. Do contact us directly for more details.

Must my dog be on Ticks & Fleas prevention before check in?
This is a must to be fair to all dogs that are staying over, first of all your dog will be protected during roaming and interaction, secondly other owners will feel safe when all dogs are protected and free of ticks/fleas, thirdly our premises will always be kept clean and free of any unwanted diseases. We are very strict in cleanliness as well as safety for you and other owner's dogs, we are proud to say that we've been tick/flea free for more than 8 years in this industry, not once had we encountered any ticks/fleas at our place.

Do note that only scientifically proven Ticks/Fleas prevention are accepted, things like neem oil, ticks/flea collar, ticks/fleas tags are NOT considered proper prevention. Dogs that are found with ticks/fleas will be rejected right away with no refunds.

Do i need to bring crate for my rabbit/hamster boarding?

Yes it is necessary to provide the crates of your small pets as they are very sensitive and may not adapt well to new environments,

hence a familiar crate with their scent will help a lot.