Just pure, simple science

ATP's Training program is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand using scientific based training

while incorporating our signature 1-2 step guidance. Our goal is to share with you about canine psychology and handling

in layman's term, as well as create the best routine according to individual dog and families expectation based

on over 17 years of experience in handling and training canines.


Our courses are conducted privately at owner's place most of the time, we encourage this instead of holding

group classes because we understand that most dog's problem start from home, with this we can access individual

dog's situation and come up with the best way to work with them. With Private classes, owners can also have the luxury

to learn and get 100% attention from us without having to travel.

Feel free to drop us a message if you are unsure about what course to consider for your furkid!

Puppy Course
Private Consultation
Behavior Modification
Lifelong Development
Board and Train
Day School Option

Why us?


No time? Don't worry, you can choose to

have lessons weekly or bi-weekly!


Safety is our priority when working with dogs,

we do our best to train them in a safe environment.


Jeryl will be leading the course while Nicole help to take down important notes, as well as assist in difficult situations.


Throughout the course, you will learn how to read your furkid's body language and communicate with them effectively.


We don't encourage tools like Prong, Choke Chains or Shock collars. 


Created in 2013, this is one of the simplest and effective training technique designed throughout the years.


I will check on you and guide you along even after the course ends, so do feel free to update me whenever you need help!


Whether you are alone or with family members, we welcome everyone to attend the course together at no additional charges.


Q:  How will the training be like?
A: For owners, you should feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable when talking to us.

We prefer to conduct lessons in a relaxed and comfortable manner,

we will speak to you and get to know each other as you progress.

Do bear in mind though, our training don't just focus on dogs but also on the owners as well! 

Q: What is the minimum age requirement for my dog?
A: We would encourage to start training as early as possible no matter the age, however it will be great to have your puppy vaccinated at least 2 out of 3 jabs to make sure it is protected from any diseases/virus.

Feel free to drop us an email for special cases.

Q: What do I need to prepare for Private Courses?
A: We will drop you a message on the list of items to prepare depending on individual dog's case and course chosen.

Q: ​Would it be possible to train my dog if it is aggressive?
A: ​Yes, we've successfully trained dogs with aggression.

Q: ​I have engaged a trainer before but it didn't work, would yours be any different?
A: Different trainers have different theories on dog behaviors and how to handle them, we would be more than happy to guide you using our method of course. There are already a number of owners who had engaged in our training even though they had attended others before and trust us, the results were different!

Q: ​​​Will you use any physical training on my dog?
A: Dogs are physical animals, they use their body postures, eyes and mouth to convey messages. In order for us to communicate with dogs, we always need some form of physical contact to let the dog understand what we are feeling. Even so, we do NOT practice nor support physical abuse like hitting or slapping a dog, we work to make the dog respect the owners, not fear. So yes, we may use physical guidance in certain situations, but before any execution we always explain to owners about what it is, why and how it benefits the dog.

Q: ​​​How early should I book to ensure availability?
A: ​​For off peak periods, about 1 month in advance. For peak periods, at least 2 weeks in advance. Do note that this is just a rough gauge, there are actually owners that book 2-3 months in advance. Deposit is a must to secure booking.

Q: ​​​​How much time do i have to spend training my dog daily?
A: ​We will provide homework at the end of every lesson, you will need to practice at least 1 hour a day to keep up with the course. For busy owners, securing a free period (at least 4 weeks) should be considered, OR you can opt for extended lessons to keep up.

Please do not sign up for the course and then say that you are too busy to practice, we are not here to take the course money,

say good job and leave owners hanging.

Q:  How many students do you take in at one point of time?

A: Generally we do not take in more than 8 clients per month, this is due to the time required to dedicate to each and every dog. Whenever lesson ends, we still have to go through their notes and try to find out the best training method and solution to individual problems. Some cases may also require homework submission through video/photos so that would require even more time.

We may work differently from most trainers but we are proud of what we do :)

Q: What is the difference between you and other schools?

A: Instead of focusing on dogs and their commands, we focus on owners and their dog's needs instead. We prefer to understand their lifestyle, what they need and the problems they face, then we access the dog's condition and customize a suitable routine and lifestyle for the family. Through our studies, years of experience and discussion with pioneers, we believe that this form of training is going to be more common in the near future, hence we want to be one of the first to set an example for future generations. 

Q: Can my family members attend the training with me?
A: Yes of course, we encourage families to work together in training their dogs, hence you can bring along your family to attend the lessons with you at no extra charges!


Q: ​​Are results guaranteed?

A: ​Our courses are specially designed to make dog training as simple as possible for owners, however it will depend on individual owners whether or not they follow the training closely and apply what they have learned on their dog. We are proud to say that most if not all owners that did not sidetrack from the training had seen improvements after finishing the course. You have to understand that we are providing education, not product, so there are no such thing as a guarantee. Similar logic to studying in a school, students themselves need to to put in effort and do homework to see results :)

Q: ​​​​​​Are you Certified?
A: Yes, we certify ourselves based on self interest and will continue to upgrade ourselves every now and then.

We do not do this for show purpose.

Q: Can i have some tips to make sure i can follow lessons well?
A: As mentioned earlier, put in some time and practice, be humble and take down notes. We expect owners to be attentive and respectful of what is covered, that is all! 

Q: What does lifelong support cover?

A: Since 2012, we have been open to questions owners may have through means of whatsapp/sms and email. Topics should be related to subjects covered during lessons, this includes providing text guidance on training progress and also to let owners know if it is time to move on to the next stage of training. Do note that because we are not physically around during support, no matter if it is in between lessons or after courses end, we may not be able to provide demonstrations on certain topics. For anything that requires physical guidance, we would advice to have them asked during lessons instead, we will do our best to answer nevertheless.

There are owners who still send us questions even after 8 years, so don't be shy to ask if you have any!

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