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Started in 2012, we were one of the first to incorporate training together with temporary stay. This program was designed to help dogs ranging from basic puppy training to dogs with severe behavioural concerns. Unlike most schools with boarding/training services, our goal was never to send a different dog back to owners, but to rework on confidence and target key issues while retaining the natural personality of the dog.

A Gentler Approach to Training

Most owners may expect a different dog after being sent for training, but they may not understand what this means. The common reason that a dog's personality changes together with seemingly cooperative obedience is usually due to training using intimidation, ranging from verbal and physical abuse to incorporating tools like choke chain, shock collar, prong into their daily lives. These aims to project fear and/or pain to the dog so that they would adhere to what is demanded from the handler, this in return destroys the typical instinct and personality of an innocent dog, creating a slave/master relationship. Most do not even know what their dogs are going through as they are just expecting a well trained dogs after military programs. Handlers may claim that such tools could be weaned off once the dog obeys, however owners may not understand that this also meant that the dog would have to remember the fear/pain for life to do so. In fact, statistics shows that dogs that are trained on aversive tools tend to rely on them throughout their lives. We prefer to use the concept of relationship building and therapy to work with such dogs.

Teaching dogs with intimidation may seemingly produce immediate results, but most do not understand the possible risks and side effects that may appear with their dogs after a period of time, which can take months to years before they suddenly surface, in short the scientific term from the side effects is known as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. At ATP, our goal is not to change the personality of your dog, but to instead go the other way round by creating a gentle and strategic workflow catered to each individual dog depending on their background and personality. So in a way, we make effective use of a dog's natural personality and create a routine around their strengths and weaknesses, we then turn training sessions into games that would in return make exercises simple for owners to practice. So instead of forcing dogs to obey, learning starts becoming much more fun and enriching. We believe that we are no longer living in times where dogs are used as tools, these days most dogs are treated as a family member and therefore we strongly believe that intimidation is not necessary no matter how bad a behaviour may seem to be.



< 6kg

4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks

from $3200

+ 3 Private Consultations (Free)

6kg - 15kg

4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks

from $3600

+ 3 Private Consultations (Free)

Charges stated are for general reference (4 weeks, puppy rate), we will advice rate accordingly depending on the individual cases and behaviours to work on. Discounts will be provided for 8 weeks and above.

Time is always an important factor when it comes to training. Truth is, there are no shortcuts to training, although fear and pain creates seemingly faster results, those methods usually doesn't last long and the dog may even develop other unexpected issues due to defensive instincts. A lot of dogs come to us in this state after going through such training programs and to be honest, it requires much more work to rehabilitate those who had been traumatized before. I have been training and handling dogs for 17 years, as well as being involved in all four quadrants of training methods (i focus on one method with neutral mindset for at least 5 years) to understand what works best and what doesn't. Although i do not believe in one method fits all theory, there are a lot of possibilities and ways to train and handle a dog without resorting to intimidation.

This is why our Stay & Train programs are longer than others, because we rather go slow and steady than risking more openings for other dangerous behaviours later on. As the pioneers of modern training providers in Singapore, we insist on teaching dogs through love, respect and proven science instead of the traditional theory of alpha, pain and discomfort. On average, for a puppy to become obedience ready takes between one to three years depending on the personality, breed and bloodline. Therefore a couple of weeks is extremely short, considering how the program has the chance to change the life of a dog and the family.

After Stay & Train ends, we will follow up with Private Consultation sessions (Free with min.4 weeks program) to help owners understand how to handle their dogs and continue practicing what they have learnt. The inclusive lessons are not mandatory, but are important because ultimately the dog will be with their owners for the rest of their lives, so respective owners will definitely need to attend at least 2 sessions to be equipped with basic handling skills to continue keeping their dogs well adjusted. Therefore, i would always remind owners that they should never expect their dogs to be fully trained just after a few weeks, for training to work it requires both the dog and owner's cooperation, time and understanding. Remember, we are not a military school where we make dogs go through hell just so that they can behave like a robot, if you are looking for such training then our program will not be suitable for you. We treat all dogs with respect and love.

In short, Stay & Train is to allow us to work with your dog and design for you a blueprint that works, while Private Consultations are meant to help you learn how to continue training and handling your dog.

Program Outline

We prefer to go through training in a systematic yet flexible approach. Instead of jumping into training right away, we will always bond and work on the confidence of the dog while figuring out the best method to work on a particular problem. Even if one method may work on a particular dog, it may not work on others with similar issues because of the personality, history and genes.


Below are the estimated program outline, note that the details and sequence may change whenever we find it necessary. Our main goal is to dedicate time and effort towards each and every dog to find the best solution and routine for their families. Your dog will be with us comfortably with plenty of 1 to 1 sessions daily. Depending on the areas that you'd like to work on, your dog will get his/her daily free time which is up to 8 hours daily with care included. Rest assure that your dog will get plenty of love and attention throughout the program as we do not accept more than 3 dogs undergoing Behaviour Modification at each point of time. Updates will be provided through videos or photos on a periodic basis whenever there are new changes observed, we do not believe in the typical day to day updates as those are pretentious and do nothing to help the dogs, we rather dedicate the time to spend with your dog and provide useful updates.

Week 1-2

♡ Bonding with the dog

Environmental transitioning phase

Observe behaviour & personality

♡ Brainstorming on suitable routine

Week 2-3

♡ Begin execution on key area(s) (Early stage)

Adjustment to new routine

Increase activities

Fundamentals work

Week 3-12

Improvement on Fundamentals

♡ Execution on key areas (Mid stage)

Observe for other potential issues & prevention

Exposure to socialization (daily objects, distractions)

♡ Improvement on Fundamentals

Maintaining on key areas

Socialization (depends on remaining time)

♡ Introducing new activities (depends on remaining time)

♡ Working on other behavioural issues (depends on remaining time)

Who is suitable?

There are different reasons that owners may wish to send their dogs for this program, below are some of the common scenarios so that you can have an idea. Please note that our slots are extremely limited, therefore there is a possibility that you will need to be on a wait list. We understand that some are not be able to wait due to unforeseen circumstances, however we would encourage to think about the benefits and consider our choice to set aside adequate time for all dogs and also their families.

Owner wants their puppies to have a solid foundation while they are still young

♡ Owners who has busy working schedules and wishes to keep up

Maintain skills while they are away (flexible duration)

Owners who are interested in understanding their dogs better from professional point of view

♡ Owners tried training their dogs themselves but to no success

♡ Owners requires to have their dogs with someone trustworthy due to personal reasons

♡ Refrain from endangering themselves due to bites/aggression

♡ Human disabilities - Injuries, trouble moving around, age, illness etc.

Dog's condition worsening after being traumatized before

♡ Dogs that are about to be put down due to concerns
♡ Newly adopted dog and facing frustrations

Others - Housebreaking, Biting, Socialization, Jumping, Obedience etc.

We may not accept certain cases if we feel that the family or dog does not fit the criteria. If your dog is not accepted and there are circumstances which may have changed and require re-evaluation, you may consider a consultation session with us to assess your situation in details. Please understand that we are setting a criteria for the programs because we want the best education for you and your dog.

Feel free to fill up the Contact form, drop us an email or whatsapp if you have enquiries.

Below are some videos of our graduates.


Fear of dogs, grooming, strangers, Aggression (Moderate)


Housebreaking, Obedience


Fear of dogs, grooming, strangers, Aggression (Severe)


Fear of dogs, Aggression (Severe), Obedience


Guarding (Moderate), Obedience


Housebreaking, Separation Anxiety


Housebreaking, Obedience


Housebreaking, Obedience


Housebreaking, Crate Anxiety, Obedience


Housebreaking, Aggression (Severe), Crate Anxiety, Obedience


Destroying of Objects, Guarding, Crate Anxiety, Obedience


Aggression (Severe), Crate Anxiety, Obedience


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