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A unique approach

We believe in simple and effective steps, this is not only easy for dogs to understand but also practical when owners are required to apply the skills learnt to practice with their dogs. We are the first in Singapore to incorporate ADB (Affective Dog Behaviour) in our program, which taps into the minds and hearts of dogs, to understand what they are thinking and why they are making certain decisions that may be a concern for their families. Despite the general training world where trainers work on dogs right away, we prefer to treat every dog as an individual and dive deep into the root of the concerns.

We are one of the few in the industry to work with very limited clients at one point. Each family we work with can take between 6 to 18 months on average, and as long as they are comfortable and wish to learn with us, we stay available throughout their dog’s life. Once committed, we aim to establish relationships that would last a lifetime. We’ve had clients of 15 years still dropping us questions from time to time. We don’t believe in short term training, because we believe that learning should be lifelong.


Most of our courses are conducted privately at the client's place, we encourage this instead of holding group classes because we understand that most concerns needs to be addressed from home, with this we can address individual family's situation and expectations to come up with an efficient way to work with their dogs. With Private classes, owners can also have the luxury to learn and get 100% attention from us without having to travel.

Real world experience

Our lead teacher, Jeryl is one of the few behaviour specialist who has real world, hands on experience working with dogs. Instead of conducting classes and consider them dogs that he’s worked with, Jeryl has spent full time working one to one with dogs directly, investing in a minimum of 300 hours per dog and up to 2000 hours before he considers the case a part of his resume. 


❝ To truly understand dogs, just reading books, holding classes and following standard procedures will not suffice, there are too many owners who were offered advice that are impractical because the teachers may not understand the real work required behind a treatment process. One has to spend time with dogs of different temperament and behaviours 24/7, working with them directly over the years to truly understand what the individual dog requires to thrive, what works for them and how to help them. We need to be flexible and creative in our approach, real world experience is unmatched in this area.❞

Jeryl started turning his passion into a career after successfully rehabilitating over 100 dogs during his younger days, it started off as a hobby where he helps friends, relatives and abandoned dogs. To date, he has worked with more than 1300 dogs over the span of 17 years, investing at least 110,000 hands on hours. This puts him among one of the extremely few veterans in the world with such experience.

Our behaviour specialist is qualified and certified to help dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized (Put to Sleep) or sent for Obedience training due to complaints, charges will be quoted according to requirements.


Please contact us to learn more.

Puppy Essentials
Suitable for Puppies aged 2 to 6 months old
Early training is very important to build solid foundation and reduce the chance of undesired behaviours developing as the puppy grows older.  From basic canine psychology, commands, puppy issues to prevention work, this course will cover your puppy's training needs! Discount applicable for additional sessions.
Course Length: 4 Sessions    Duration: 1.5 hour/session    Course Fee: $900
Basic Commands    Puppy Issues    Communication Technique    Body Language
Brushing    Handling    Theory on dog behavior    Basic Walk   Habit Prevention
Private Consultation
For Dogs of All Ages
This is a one time consultation session, suitable for owners who prefers a professional assessment of their furkids onsite before deciding on a suitable course. Our behaviour consultant will meet and talk to you personally, evaluate your dog's conditions and propose a training plan to the concerns faced. Addtional dog at just $100.
Course Length: 1 Session    Duration: 1.5 hour    Fee: $280
Behavior Assessment    Solution Planning    Proposed Timeline    Basic Training
Behaviour Therapy
Designed for Dogs with specific Behavioural concerns
We specialize in working with behaviours ranging from dog/human aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, barking, jumping, pulling on leash to reactivity and depression. Program includes assessing your dog's condition, finding out your goals and creating a safe and effective therapy to work around the concerns encountered.
Course Length: min.4 sessions    Duration: 1.5 hour/session    Course Fee: $980
Foundation Works    Treatment Solution    Communication Technique    Body Language
Theory on dog behavior    Relationship Mending   Goals & Timeline
6 months & Above
Designed for  dogs 6 Months and above
We understand that not all dogs get to work with us as a puppy, this course is suitable for dogs that are 6 months and above. Dogs at this age may have formed certain behavioural traits and habits where Puppy Essentials may not be able to cover. Not suitable for aggression.
Course Length: min.4 sessions    Duration: 1.5 hour/session    Course Fee: $980
Foundation Works    Training Solution    Communication Technique    Body Language
Theory on dog behaviour   Relationship Mending   Goals & Timeline
Suitable for Owners who prefers a Gentler approach
This is a progressive course suitable for owners and dogs who prefers a gentler and slower approach to training, as well as for dogs with severe behavior issues which may not benefit from the standard 4 - 6 sessions. For Puppies, we will go through all keys stages of your dog with you closely, this includes puppy essentials, adolescence training to adulthood. For behaviours related cases, lessons will be conducted in short, easy to understand sessions that will keep interaction stress free and ensure you and your dog can catch up before moving onto the next level. You need not worry about keeping up as our visits are weekly/bi-weekly throughout the whole duration of the course.
We will always be beside you through professional guidance and onsite visits.
Course Length: 6 - 12 months    Duration: 30 - 90 minutes/session    Course Fee: from $3200
Foundation Works     Lifelong Support     Communication Technique    Body Language
Theory on dog behavior     Walk   Commands   Relationship Mending   Behavior Modification
Stay & Train
We design a working Blueprint for your Dog
Since 2013, this has been our signature program which includes daily care and training.
We will be working 1 to 1 with your furkid daily and ensure that he/she will learn and have fun at the same time. Duration ranges from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the severity of the issues and how much you prefer us to help kickstart training for your furkid. This is a full program which includes Private 1-1 Lessons after your furkid's stay is over. Click here to see course details.
This is not a bootcamp, but an educational and fun program for dogs of all ages!
Course Length: 4 - 12 weeks       Course Fee: from $3200
    Daily Training    Free Roaming   Updates    Body Language
Foundation Works     Lifelong Support     Communication Technique   Commands
Theory on dog behavior     Walk   Relationship Mending   Behavior Modification
Master Class
Designed for Professionals
Whether you are a dog trainer or aspire to be one, i am here to help you understand the world of dog behaviours and training through my lens. You will be learning my workflow, including how i work with dogs and owners, learn the things i do behind the scenes.
ready to open up a new world to how you can help dogs.
Course Length: 12 sessions*    Duration: 6 months    Course Fee: $4800
* Sessions include 4 private based consults at your place/workplace and 8 shadow sessions. Limited slot, contact for further information on intakes.



Why us


No time? Don't worry, you can choose to
have lessons at your pace!


Safety is our priority when working with dogs,
we do our best to always work with them in a safe environment.


We prefer to teach dogs using up to date and humane ways, we use science, not fad.


Using the model of C&S (Connection & SECRAT), we aim to bring the best out of your dog by building a healthy relationship.


Jeryl will be leading the course while Nicole help to take down important notes, as well as assist in difficult situations.


While we don't believe in ribbons, we occasionally receive awards for our work, you may view our awards & milestones here.


You can still drop us a message whenever you have questions, so do feel free to update us whenever you need help!


Whether you are alone or with family members, we welcome everyone to attend the course together at no additional charges.

Our Trainer

As a behaviour specialist, Jeryl has over 17 years of experience handling dogs, specializing in the field of behaviour modification and rehabilitation. He is one of the few veterans in the world with extensive knowledge, hands on experience and training success in all four quadrants of dog training; he spent his initial years successfully working with dogs using punishment based training, before moving on to further educate himself on balance training and positive reinforcement. As such, he was one of the first in Singapore to practice LIMA-based principal. Over the years, Jeryl ultimately designed a model to work with dogs, which is known as the C&S (Connection & SECRAT) model. The C&S training model is a breakthrough theory which strays away from the typical approach of positive versus negative reinforcement, but instead focus on building relationship and trust.

Jeryl's abilities lie in his observation and unique approach to training; by treating each dog as an individual and diving deeply into the root of their behaviour. He is firm in his belief that no one method fits all, but at the same time committed to giving all dogs a chance to learn through scientifically proven, humane and positive approach. To date, he has personally worked with and handled more than 1300 dogs(over 400 hours’ worth of training per dog), ranging from puppy upbringing, cooperative care, reactivity, anxiety, obedience to aggression.

Besides training and rehabilitation, Jeryl has a passion for writing about dogs, often selecting contentious topics that aims towards improving the welfare of dogs. During his free time, he regularly participates in volunteer work, such as rehoming, donating necessities and encouraging responsible ownership. Today, aside from being a freelance behaviour consultant, he is also a part of the team at Amber's Cottage. He is currently certified in canine behaviour, intermediate canine behaviour, AVS and IAABC accredited. While he continues to educate himself regularly, he  believes that a skilled practitioner should include hands-on experiences along with an open mind to progress.

Learn to train dogs my way

Before you sign up for any classes, it is important to know what to expect and what you can do to maximize learning for you and your dog. Our courses are designed based on our lead behaviour specialist, Jeryl, and it is based on training dogs his way. You are engaging a professional to learn dog training the way he does based on the thousands of dogs that he has worked with, the wealth of information he has are plentiful, but it is up to you on how much you want to gain from this experience. If owners just want to reward and/or punish a dog, it is easy and most trainers are doing that, but if owners want to learn the art of building relationship and trust, Jeryl is one of the few in the world to be equipped with the knowledge to do so. With the right mindset to work with your dog, our program would eventually open up a new world of dog training that you may not be able to learn anywhere else. As such, it is beneficial to be attentive, hardworking and ask as much questions as you require, while respecting the theories covered. After all, you are engaging a professional to learn, not the other way round. If you are unable to accept what is taught, then the teacher will not be helpful for you and your dog.

During lessons, Jeryl spends time covering on topics like canine psychology and ADB (Affective Dog Behaviour), this requires a good knowledge of canine cognitive ethology and psychology, but at the same time, he understands the importance of keeping information simple, as such our courses are designed in such a way that even beginners will be able to understand and apply the knowledge learnt as long as they are attentive and hardworking. Our classes consist of up to date training techniques and science based theories while incorporating our signature C&S theory designed by Jeryl since 2013. Our goal is to impart the necessary skills on canine psychology, training and handling in layman's term, as well as create the best routine and training plan according to individual dog and families expectation. We believe in providing an education backed by proven science and experience, not fads. Fads can come and go based on popularity, but science and experiences only gets better with time.


Q:  How will the private sessions be like?
A: We prefer to conduct lessons in a relaxed and comfortable manner,
we will speak to you and get to know each other as you progress. Do bear in mind though, this is not a course where i just go over to your place and start working with your dog right away, our goal is to help owners understand their dogs, learn how they think, understand why they behave in certain ways and equip humans with a skill that will last them for life. A lot of things we cover may be very new to most people, even professionals in the industry, so don't be alarmed. Sign up if you are ready to explore a different world of dogs and dog training.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement for my dog?
A: We would encourage to start training as early as possible no matter the age, however it will be great to have your puppy vaccinated at least 2 jabs to make sure they are protected.

Feel free to drop us an email for special cases.

Q: What do I need to prepare for Private Courses?
A: We will drop you a message on the list of items to prepare depending on individual dog's case and course chosen.

Q: ​Would it be possible to train my dog if it is aggressive?
A: ​Yes, we specialize in this area and has successfully worked with hundreds of dogs with aggression.

Q: ​I have engaged a trainer before but it didn't work, would yours be any different?
A: First of all, we are behaviour specialists, not general dog trainers. We would be more than happy to guide you using the model created by Jeryl. There are already a number of owners who had engaged in our courses even though they had attended others before and trust us, the results were different!

Q:  How many students do you take in at one point of time?

A: Generally we don't take in more than 8 clients per month, this is due to the time required to dedicate to each and every dog. Whenever lesson ends, we still have to go through their notes and try to find out the best training method and solution to individual problems. Some cases may also require assignment submission through video/photos so that would require even more time.

We may work differently from most trainers but we are proud of what we do :)


Q:  Why are your charges more expensive?
A: I have to be straightforward here, people charge base on what the think their information are worth. With our experiences, track record and qualifications, we are very confident that our charges, when compared to others of 'similar' standards are way out of the range of being overpriced.
We are also one of the very few pioneers in Singapore that are willing to keep improving and updated with techniques and findings, therefore we would appreciate if owners can try not to compare us with amateur and outdated trainers.

Q: ​​​Will you use any physical training on my dog?
A: Dogs are physical animals, they use their body postures, eyes and mouth to convey messages. In order for us to communicate with dogs, we always need some form of physical contact to let the dog understand what we are feeling. Even so, we do NOT practice nor support physical abuse like hitting or slapping a dog, we work to make the dog respect and love their owners, not fear. So yes, we may use physical guidance in certain situations, but before any execution we always explain to owners about what it is, why and how it benefits the dog.

Q: ​​​How early should I book to ensure availability?
A: ​​For off peak periods, about 2 weeks in advance. For peak periods, at least 1 month in advance. Do note that this is just a rough gauge, there are actually owners that book 6 months in advance. Deposit is a must to secure booking.

Q: ​​​​How much time do i have to spend training my dog daily?
A: ​We will provide homework at the end of every lesson, you will need to practice at least 30 minutes (up to 1 hour) a day to keep up with the course. For busy owners, securing a free period (up to 1 hour per day, for at least two months) should be considered, OR you can opt for extended lessons to keep up.
Please do not sign up for the course and then say that you are too busy to practice, we are not here to take the course money, say good job and leave owners hanging.

Q: What is the difference between you and other schools?

A: Instead of focusing on dogs and their commands, we focus on owners and their dog's lifestyle. We consider ourselves and work like psychologists. We prefer to understand individual dogs and owners, what they need and the problems they face, then we assess the dog's condition and customize a suitable routine for the family. Through our studies, years of experience and discussions with pioneers, we believe that this form of training is going to be the future. Hence we are one of the first in the world to conduct dog training classes in this manner. Because of the interests and limited slots, we do not need to sell our services, in fact we select the cases we work with, this means that we can prioritize passion over sales. We prefer to work with owners that are cooperative and shows interest in learning from us.

Q: Can my family members attend the training with me?
A: Yes of course, we encourage families to work together in training their dogs, hence you can bring along your family to attend the lessons with you at no extra charges!


Q: ​​Are results guaranteed?

A: ​Our courses are specially designed to make dog training as simple as possible for owners, however it will depend on individual owners whether or not they follow the training closely and apply what they have learned on their dog. We are proud to say that most if not all owners that did not sidetrack from the training had seen improvements after finishing the course. You have to understand that we are providing education, not product, so there are no such thing as a guarantee. Similar logic to studying in a school, students themselves need to to put in effort and work hard to see results. We understand that not everyone can achieve the same results even if they get the best teachers in the world, there are limitation to one's capabilities and our goal to is maximize yours.

Q: ​​​​​​Are you Certified?
A: Yes, we certify ourselves based on self interest and will continue to upgrade ourselves every now and then.

We do not do this for show purpose.

Q: Can i have some tips to make sure i can follow lessons well?
A: As mentioned earlier, put in some time and practice, be humble and take down notes. We expect owners to be attentive and respectful of what is covered, that is all! 

Q: Are deposits refundable if i were to cancel?

A:  We do not support cancellation of slots therefore non-refundable payments/deposits are required to secure bookings, as well as full payment at the end of the first lesson. Please understand that the purpose of deposit is to secure a slot, which we will not be able to provide a refund in the event of cancellation as our slots are reserved up to 3 months ahead. Very few clients would be willing to reschedule their sessions just because of someone canceling their slots. We hope you can understand and only make payment when you are committed to the lesson. Rescheduling of lessons due to emergencies can definitely be arranged however.

Q: What does lifelong support cover?

A: Since 2012, we have been opened to questions owners may have through means of whatsapp/sms and email. Topics should be related to subjects covered during lessons and the same dog who attended the courses. Support includes providing general text guidance on assignments provided and also to let owners know if it is time to move on to the next stage of training. Do note that because we are not physically around during support, no matter if it is in between lessons or after courses end, we are not be able to provide demonstrations. For anything that requires physical guidance, we would advice to have them asked during lessons instead, or arrange for follow up lessons if the topic requires on site assessment and discussion. We will do our best to answer. There are owners who still send us questions even after 10 years, so don't be shy to ask if you have any!


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