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Thank you

First of all, thank you for the support provided, we truly appreciate and enjoy working with dogs and would love to continue doing so for more years to come. If it isn't too much to ask, we would hope to receive your assistance to help keep our passion burning going by sharing your reviews on the link provided.


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Our main page since 10 years back, where we share tips and tips on training as well as updates on your furkids.


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New platform. Please help to copy & paste your review here if possible :)



Avs Accreditation

Link here

We are AVS accredited trainers and this means that we are able to save dogs that are in trouble due to complains, requires to be euthanized, or requested by AVS/HDB to undergo certification. This form serves to help us continue to be accredited, it may take awhile to fill up, but will be very helpful to continue saving other dogs in need without resorting to pain.

Please follow this format for Part III: Dog Trainer Particulars:

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