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Welcome to my world, my name is Amber. In 2012, my pawrents began blogging about my growth, together with tips and advice about training.

As fans observed how well i developed, they then began to request for personalized training and care services for their furries. Since then, my pawrents have also extended to collaborations and training assistance with service providers that had gone through strict selection criteria. Today, Amber's Cottage is a family of individuals with the aim towards improving the lives and welfare of dogs like me!


Learn dog training my way

Explore a unique approach to dog training using the C&S theory.

Build a connection







The key difference

Being the first and only specialists(since 2014) that strayed away from protocols, Jeryl designed a unique way to work with dogs using the C&S™ theory. Instead of standardized training, the C&S™ theory focuses on relationship building and treatment, which opens up a different perspective towards behaviour modification through trauma informed therapy, resilience strategy and psychiatry.

We are specialists, not generalist.

We simplify plans, not complicate them.

We provide education, not service.

We teach with science, not fad.

We focus on building relationship, not coercion.

We use the latest training model, not outdated.

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Learn the ins and outs from a veteran.

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