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Visit to Pet Station warehouse sale 2019

This sale claimed to have over 3000+ items and up to 80% discounts, so we dropped by to have a look with Amber on Saturday!

Date: 31 May, 1 & 2 June 2019 (Friday – Sunday) Time: 10:00am to 7:00pm Address: 21 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 9, Level 4 Warehouse, Singapore 739175 Nearest MRT: Woodlands Station

The location was at 21 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 9, Level 4 Warehouse, Singapore 739175, which was near to where we were staying so it was easy for us. However for those living at other area you would probably need to get to Woodlands mrt/interchange and take a bus to the industrial estate, if i'm not wrong its about 2 bus stop distance from the interchange.

Upon alighting, the area was what an industrial estate would be like, with travel coaches and trucks getting around it was not convenient to walk Amber to the warehouse without carrying her up from time to time. We also met some Singapore Specials, they followed us and trialed behind when they saw Amber so i simply carried her up and walked away whenever this happens, there were no packs so its quite safe by reading their body language. I wouldn't recommend letting your dogs interact with them though, their lifestyle and guarding instinct can be different. From the bus stop at Marsiling industrial estate to Pet Station warehouse required about 10 minutes walk, it's located at the other end of the estate so some walking was necessary.

After reaching, we saw long queues at the lift, so we waited for the second lift and went up to level 4. Upon entering the warehouse sales, there was this photography booth which was set up by Pet Station i guess, they didn't seem very professional and quality of the samples were quite low to be honest. Proceeding to the sales area (that's what we came for!), it was really huge, a lot of items for pets of all kinds. The queue was unbearable however, it started from the cashier at the corner of the warehouse, all the way around and ends at the cashier again lol! See it for yourself below.

How about the sales? Personally the sales was mediocre at best, i guess the cheapest item i could find that was of use was just about 20% off online shop price at most, the reason that it may look cheap was because they were stating the official retail price as "original price", which in fact most pet stores do not actually sell their products using official recommended price tag. Once we saw the queue, we left the warehouse right away and decided to go over the next morning at 10am, which is their opening time. On the next day, we reached at 9:55am and there were already people queuing to enter, i was wondering if they purposely got up early just to come or lived nearby just like us. The shopping experience was so much better this time round, the staffs at Pet Station also advised for us to take the trolley before more people entered, so we followed their advice. But even with the much lesser crowd, we found it hard to shop with trolley as the lanes for browsing were really narrow, if some one comes with a trolley from the other direction and you are shopping halfway it's just going to be very frustrating to decide if you want to turn back let them pass first. To be honest i didn't even see anyone backing off, they just push and push. A lot of popular products were also unavailable at the sales, for example we were looking for Simple Solutions odor remover which they actually carry at all their outlets, but they didn't put it on sale, i guess it's because they wanted to promote their Halo products, they even set a staff there just to promote this product. C.E.T products were there but the discounts were barely noticeable, all other branded products were either not available or just sold at minor discounts. In the end we only bought some dog toys and hamster toys (yes we are getting one soon!). The good thing is that they managed the event pretty well with huge fans at each corner of the warehouse, the staffs were also helpful and friendly.


If you did not do a research online before buying, you might not have saved much considering the traveling, effort and time spent. Not worth it at all in my opinion.

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